A Family Relationship Development

A small boy was waiting patiently by the door for his Daddy to come home. Ultimately, in walked Dad. He was exhausted, stressed and considering the dramas that had unfolded at work before that day. The little boy, seeing his Daddy mind for his workplace with briefcase in hand, realized he was in for another lonely night. A couple of hours after, the boy slipped into his Dad’s office and asked sheepishly, “Daddy, how much money do you make an hour?” His Dad thought, “What a strange question.” The small boy stopped, pondered for a moment and then asked, “Daddy, can I borrow $20?” “$20!” His father scolded, “Forget it, Son, and get to bed. After that night, the father noticed the light on in his son’s bedroom and was angered to see that his boy up. “It’s well after your bedtime!” he barked. Seeing a couple of crumpled-up notes stashed under his child’s pillow, he exploded, “What’s this? A few hours ago, you asked me for $20 and you already have $30! The tiny boy swallowed hard and said softly, “Daddy, I had hoped that I would have saved up enough money by now to have been able to buy one hour of your time.”

Often we are so preoccupied with the other pursuits we fail to find the gradual corrosion of our valued relationships. A couple minor alterations now may prevent heartache and sorrow tomorrow. A soul-searching question which might help you pinpoint where your valued Sydney Couples Program are presently is, “If I happened to be my wife, husband, child or children, would I like to have a spouse or parent like me?” If you do not like the answer(s) you get, make a note why then apply your power of decision to head off those concerns.

A fantastic way to gain awareness about the status of your marriage would be to ask your spouse, “Is there anything I do right now that annoys you?” Once you ask this question, bite your tongue and hear out your spouse. Another way to prevent a trip to the divorce courts is to reevaluate your marriage vows. This time, however, don’t plan for “better or for worse” but rather “for better and for better”. As boredom contributes to frustration, spontaneity and surprises lead back to revived enthusiasm. Are you aware that passion can be re-created anytime by simply re-creating the experiences that initially sparked it? Therefore, develop the practice of scheduling your baby sitter every few weeks so you and your partner can enjoy a top notch movie or meal in isolation – and don’t forget the red blossom!

Relationship Goal Suggestions

– If you do not have a family, consider setting a goal to spend more time with loved ones and friends.
– How do you create a stronger relationship with each of your children?
– Do you have to renew the lines of communication with your children? How?
– What is something special you are able to perform weekly with your loved ones?
– Could you take them out to dinner or to a theme park?
– How about committing to spend one hour a day as quality time with your loved ones?
– How can you show greater appreciation for the little things your partner do which you have been taking for granted?
– What is one thing you can do, beginning now, to spice up your relationships?
– Where would you like to take your family on your next Christmas holidays?
– How about taking your parents out to dinner once every month or two?

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