Anti Aging Vitamins – Stay Young Like Lucy and Ethel


I used to be just watching that old episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and Ethel are working in the candy plant on the assembly line. They get behind on the line and start gulping down candies in their mouth like… well, candies! You know, that old item of television history has been around since the nineteen fifties. It’s virtually as if those candies are anti aging vitamins because Nora and Ethel never age in those old grayscale whites. Don’t you wish that we could take those same vitamins but not age? Well, we can… sort of.

We already know that diet along with physical activity are important for an anti aging program in order to keep your cardiovascular system healthy, improve your lung capacity, maintain your weight and continue to be flexible. But for years, though, scientists have been looking for a great deal better anti aging vitamins that can slow down our aging process.

The most popular of the candy b vitamins are called antioxidants. Antioxidants eradicate free radicals, get rid of damaged cells and slow down our aging process by keeping us all free from a lot of diseases. Those free radicals are the principal cause of damaging cells therefore we need vitamins and counter oxidants constantly to avoid cell damage.

Times have undoubtedly changed since Lucy and Ethel took any supplements. When most of us think about vitamins we think of something that you can intake only through food or pills but now using modern technology, we can take anti aging vitamins through our skin way too. Vitamin treatment through the skin also directly helps your skin layer and it’s gaining in popularity. The vitamins not only secure the skin from sun but are also beneficial in treating various other skin conditions like eczema, sunburn and dry skin area.

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