Building Your Own Tiki Bar – 5 Tips That Can Save You Money

Before you begin building your own Chickee Huts I have some price cutting ideas that can save you money and time. We all know how expensive wood and substance could be, so let me show you how to build a tiki bar working with some common sense tips even if you’ve never built anything before.

Save cash by employing alternative lumber- Ok we desire our tiki bar to last many years so you want to use wood that is easy to maintain and durable also. Some plans advocate using a 3/4 x 6 inch dimension bamboo planks for your pub siding. This can be replaced by using cedar closet lining. Cedar cupboard lining comes in different lengths and can be tongue and grove. It’s only 1/4 inch thick although utilizing a media board backing, and implementing the cedar to it may save you money. Your framing timber can be Douglass fir, but look for earnings in your regional home supply store. I suggest buying thatched roofing that comes in rolls or panels. I discovered that the best deals are on EBay©. You can buy rolls in various lengths and widths at a much reduced cost. Be certain that the product you purchase has been fumigated for germs. The reason I suggest using this kind of thatched palm is because it is easier to work with and will help save you time and money. If you are going to replace it every 3 to 5 years anyway, why not use something simple to work with rather than palm fronds.

Use programs which are elastic -Using the right plans can help save you time and money. Programs which can be corrected for add-on things are the only thing to do. It’s much easier to add items like built-in refrigerators, electric outlets, ceiling fans, or sinks if it’s designed beforehand. If you decide to get these products later and didn’t plan for it then it’ll cost you a lot more money to add afterwards. Planning is an all important part of building your “tiki bar”.
Pre-cut your lumber-When starting your job a fantastic tip to keep in mind is to pre-cut your frame lumber all at once. In your plans you will have each of the dimensions for your frame. Cut each piece at the same time you have your chosen set-up. I suggest using a power miter saw since all the cuts will be more precise. Be sure to mark each piece or maintain the same pieces together for simple assembly.
Tip for pub top and finishing-There are two ways that you can do your bar . Now, the second type of plywood is generally used inside, but with proper treating will work for your tiki bar . A one gallon can of good varnish will probably cost you at least $50, but will value the price. Coating your pub top with recommended amounts is essential.

Using my tips you’ll be able to save a few hundred dollars but still preserving longevity and beauty to a tiki bar. For more information on creating you own tiki bar or tiki hut visit our resource under.

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