Everything You Wanted to Know About Gabor Footwear

If you love comfy, stylish shoes that are made of the highest quality, you’ve probably heard of this Gabor brand of footwear. However, there’s more to this business than just great quality. Here are some additional facts you might like to understand.

A Brief History

It was established in 1949, by two German brothers, Bernhard and Joachim. They exchanged their father’s pocket watch due to their very first sewing machine. In just a couple of years’ time, the word had spread about their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. By 1959, they had several factories and so were manufacturing several thousand shoes a day. They continued to enlarge their operations globally.

In 1966, one of the co-founders Bernhard suffered an untimely death. The headquarters were moved from Barmstedt into Rosenheim, taking 60 employees and their families with them.

Back in 1992, Gabor was introduced with the German Leather Goods award.

The Manufacturing Process

There are over 140 manufacturing measures involved with the making of each Gabor shoe. Each one is composed of as many as 250 parts and consists of up to 45 distinct materials.

Every shoe undergoes in-depth Sole Runner Trainer FX 3 im Barfußschuhe Test , for example long-term creasing of the lining and upper materials, and the pliability of their outer and inner slopes. Thorough testing can be done on parts of the shoe that are vulnerable to wear and tear.

The substances utilized in the manufacturing process are tested according to very strict standards. None of the compounds used are harmful or dangerous and are free of dyes and preservatives which could impact human health in any way.

Environmental accountability is in the center of the company’s philosophy. They are really careful and basically conscious of all of the substances that go into their footwear.

The business manufactures more than 20,000 shoes every day in their factories which are located worldwide.

The Company Today

Today, the company is conducted by Joachim’s son, Achim. They now have a men’s line as well as children’s selection of sneakers. They also have licenses for handbags and shoe accessories to complete their product lineup.

Tradition and quality will always be at the cornerstone of the company, however, Gabor has also introduced several new innovative technologies that will continue to improve how consumers walk. Comfort and quality will never be forfeited.

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