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Many men and women turn away from setting up a home studio for individual convenience because of the large amount of money that has to be spent into such a project concerning purchasing considerable quantities of expensive home recording studio gear. Mixers, sequencers, drum machines, monitors, recording interfaces…

Who will afford all that stuff? Is it even worth it?

Well, that depends entirely on how you are willing to spend your cash when purchasing your home studio equipment. It’s correct, if you are looking to purchase high end home recording studio gear, it can break your bank. But all isn’t lost – as now you can set up your own studio with your own home recording studio equipment on the cheap with the help of this article.

So, what is a fantastic Home studio written of?

Most individuals will suggest Monitors, Speakers, a Guitar recording interface, Drum Machine and a Mic Pre-amp for a requirement in regards to recording studio gear. All the remaining functions of a generic studio can be carried out by a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Cubase, CakeWalk, Nuendo and many more.

The total price of this kind of setup will be vastly lower than what you would have paid if you opted to buy analog track recorders and so forth. When it comes to buying home recording studio gear, it’s vital to think smart. If you want a Guitar Recording Interface and a Mic Pre-amp, do not buy two bits of house recording studio gear.

A good example could be the Line 6 Pod Studio UX1, which costs just over $150, produces amazing guitar noises with over 50 cupboard and amp simulations, in addition to acting as a port for your mic! The strong Pod Farm program which is included with this little tool lets you add studio quality effects to your vocals or guitar, even taking away the need for undesirable toronto recording studio fx.

This interface not only affirms guitar and vocals, but might act as a recording port for virtually anything. It’s USB 2.0 out produces virtually lossless audio with ASIO input into your DAW, resulting in latency free real time tracking and dB adjustments from the input and output ends. This is quite a piece of home recording studio gear you do not want to overlook!

The organization Behringer produces very high quality electronics for the price, and higher quality monitors and speakers can be obtained from them for as little as $150.

When it comes to DAW’s, you have literally hundreds of choices. However, Steinberg’s Cubase is the most popular selection for many recording artists, producers and mixers that use home recording studio gear to generate amazing studio quality sound. It’s the perfect combination of usability and sophistication and has powerful support for VST Instruments, that will eliminate the demand for both Synthesizers and Drum Machines, and therefore will result in you saving money not needing to purchase more home recording studio equipment.

The ideal replacement for a drum system is that the app Reason or the VST Plugin EZDrummer. Both of these pieces of software are amazing choices to eliminate the need for more home recording studio gear in terms of a drum machine or an electrical or acoustic drum kit. Create powerful drum sounds with this plug in which will blow people off!

In conclusion, your gear can be as inexpensive as you want it to. A lot of people don’t realise this and spend thousands of dollars dishing out cash on analog gearto work acts that may be accomplished by a $100 piece of hardware. Save by buying the hardware discussed in this guide and you’ll have a lot of money left over to enlarge your already well stocked house studio using more professional home recording studio gear later down the road. Remember, the purpose is to purchase as little equipment as possible, without compromising on the performance of a home studio had you purchased different home recording studio equipment for every single function in your studio. Good luck!

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