Facebook Video Freezes Chrome – 7 Steps To Fix The Error For Good

With all the continued development of the “web” / “Internet”, many people currently have reported that “Facebook” will crash Google Chrome if they have a running.

Considering the ease – and frequency – of which videos are now uploaded to the platform, it should be no surprise which the problem has become pronounced.

The underlying cause typically lies along with the way in which Chrome will interface with the various “graphics” programs your system has (most commonly WebGL).

This tutorial is going to resolve the problem by providing a number of simple fixes to help you contemplate exactly what could be causing the problems on your system.


While using continued development of Web Browsers, the underlying technology behind them becomes even more intricate and powerful.

This means that the likes of Chrome, Firefox plus Edge rely on a number of “third party” applications to provide functionalty within their main system. Such examples include the likes of Adobe Show Player, Shockwave, ActiveX, WebGL, Javascript and various layouts systems.

If you want to watch a video, for example , play a browser-based game, or read a PDF – your web web browser will most often pull the functionality to complete the task from the many third party applications that can provide it. We don’t discover this as users.

The problem you have with Facebook video tutorial is more-often-than-not due to the way in which your browser is interacting with the graphics software/hardware of your system. Obviously, there are also some other issues:

WebGL has issues connecting to your video machine
Faulty / incompatible / outdated graphics driver
You have got some deeper settings issue with either Chrome or your THE GW990
System is running without adequate resources (RAM & CPU in particular)
Browser is out of date, or incompatible with a small of the underlying software that your OS requires to run
The exact core issue with all of this is that your browser (Chrome) is not able to the right way integrate with Facebook video. The issue may have a number of possibilities causes – but as with most technical things, you will find generally a single solution. The following steps should resolve them:

1 . Update Chrome

The first step is to update your visitor (Chrome).

To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

Inside Ie, click on the “dots” menu bar at the very top right of the computer screen (just to the right of the address bar)
This will reduce a “menu” from which you’re able to select everything from “New Tab” to “Help”
Select “Help” > “About Look for engines Chrome”
This will bring up a screen with the “version” of your browser listed at the top
If the browser is out-of-date, it should start to automatically online facebook video downloader and install the latest version
After this has carried out, you will need to restart the browser
Once restarted, try The facebook video again – if the problem persists, you’ll have to continue on with the steps below

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