Free PSP Game Downloads Sites – Are They Really Free?

As a PSP user there comes a point in time if buying new games actually moves the budget. If you are a veteran PSP game user then you’ll understand what I mean.

It is not unusual for the normal PSP player to spend in excess of 40 a month on PSP games and PSP accessories (source: A UK PSP Magazine). All you need to do is the math which provides up to $500 annually roughly!

Obviously if you are on a budget you want to get PSP games as cheaply as possible-better nevertheless,”free”. It was once a work colleague suggested to me that she was able to obtain PSP games for a fraction of the cost that I was paying for them which grabbed my attention.

I moved away that evening and then searched on”free PSP game download sites” and saw page after page of websites offering free downloads. I thought I’d hit the jackpot. However, when I opened a few of the websites I discovered that many of those”free”websites were not really free. In fact, many of the sites were only”cons”.

Allow me to explain, I won’t really give the web site references but these free sites came in two categories.

I discovered that these sites were of a P2P (peer reviewed ) nature. This means is that these websites have current users online playing games or downloading matches which”you” can then tap into. This is a somewhat simplistic definition but it will do for now. Should you decide to download a free robux game from a website like this you may wind up with many problems which will actually cost you a significant amount of money. It is not uncommon for owners of these sites to load them with spyware, viruses and Trojans. The men and women who operate the websites know that lots of users that actually want free games will actually take the risk and then download the file on their PC and then to their PSP. As a result, the PC/notebook becomes infected. A few of these viruses and Trojans don’t become active until they are moved to the PSP, even though this is uncommon it can happen. Why take the risk?

Do not get me wrong, you will find sites that are free and provide good quality downloads but they’re really rare and hard to discover. Even occasionally using blogs you’ll discover that some unscrupulous website owners are going to post to these blogs to direct visitors to their site-so be wary!

The main criticism of these sites is the quality of the documents and especially the duration of time it takes to download each document. Since the websites are free there is not any motivation for website owners and users to invest in applications and modems which will make the download process easier. The majority of these sites will have modem rates of 15 K. which means that even though you might have DSL you’re dependent on their own modem speed for the length of time that it takes to download the game. I’ve heard stories of a few games taking up to three days to download (I wonder how much this could cost on your telephone bill!) .

Category Two

This category is rather like a”halfway house” solution. In my attempts to find a free to cheaper option I came across sites that provided free games downloads but when I clicked on to get a message would come up that required me to take out a monthly membership. This membership price ranged from $16 -$16 a month. This was much too expensive an alternative and not a solution I wanted.

In fact I think it was a pretty sneaky way of” conning” me from a lot of cash. I was quite annoyed to say the least. I am not certain of the quality of downloading of these sites because I didn’t want to take a monthly membership- all I wanted was a website that would provide me free downloads.

After spending close to a week hunting I realized that”free” in the sense that I needed wasn’t really free at all. I guess that you get that you pay for and if you want something free it is fairly likely that you are not going to get value for money after all you are not paying anything?

It was upon this understanding that I spoke to my work colleague and she explained that she was a member of an infinite games download site and the reason she joined was her son was costing her a chance in asking always for new games. She took out the membership and now her son is able to download games that he is interested in.

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