How Musicians Can Use Podcasts to Publicize Their Music

As the musician, one of the best ways to start becoming successful in the music internet business is to build up a fan base.

You need to get your music to choose from so people can start listening to it and enjoying them. Publicizing your music is extremely important, and while ten years ago perhaps it will have been a difficult task, technology has afforded you quite a few very simples ways to get started. One new way you could start getting your music out there is by using a podcast. Pod-casts are excellent ways that you can inexpensively and quickly get your new music out there to the public, which is extremely important to your success as the musician.

What Exactly is a Podcast?

First of all, you may be wondering just what exactly a podcast is. Basically, a podcast is a variety of audio file that is usually created in a mp3 arrangement, and after the file is created it can be uploaded to a storage space by way of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). You can put anything on this type of audio file, whether it is a type of radio exhibit, or even clips of you performing your music. Once your podcast is uploaded onto the internet, it then allows people to apply their computers with specialized software to download the particular file so they can listen to it on their own. They may be able to enjoy it on their computer, an mp3 player, or even on their apple ipod as well. Even though the terms sound a bit technical, the process is definitely easy one that gives you a great new way to get your popular music out there to others.

How to Create a Podcast

Believe it or not, building your own podcast is really quite simple. The following are five simple steps which enables you you easily create your own music podcast.

1 . Set up the Content – The first thing you need to do is to create the stereo content for your podcast. It really does not matter what type of platform you choose when creating your audio content; however , it is important that you help save it in the maximum quality possible so you have a superb copy of what you have created. This is especially important when you are addressing music.

2 . Convert to MP3 – Once you have created your current audio content for the podcast, you will need to convert the computer files to mp3 files, since they are the most used type of files for podcasting. When converting your audio files to song files, you will probably want to use 128 stereo bit rate to acquire the best sound, since you are dealing with music, then preserve it as an mp3 file.

3. Upload the SONG – After you have created your mp3 file, then you will be ready upload the file to the server. Once they are uploaded, be sure to test them to be sure that they are working.

4. Create typically the RSS File – Next you will need to create an RSS FEED- file, which will describe your pod cast and serve as the link to your mp3 file. You can use a text collector to create this file, and usually it is best to include the title of your file, the link, and a brief description of the file in addition.

5. Publish the File – Once you have the RSS FEED file created, just transfer it to your web hardware, and be sure to validate it using an RSS validator, which you can find online. If it works right, then you are ready to report the RSS file.

Equipment You Will Need

In order to be able to participate in a pod cast, you will need to have the right equipment available. Start with you will need to have the right equipment available to suitably record your own personal music. You may be able to purchase software for your computer right away, or you may want to use a mixing board with a CD burner to do so. You can use computer software to edit your music and then to change the levels to make sure that your music tracks sound the perfect as well. Also, you will need a program to help you convert your song into mp3 files, such a MusicMatch. More than likely, you will also need to have software that will help you upload your mp3 and RSS documents as well.

Where You Can Send Your Completed Podcast

If you do not currently have your own place to put your podcasts, you can actually find absolutely free hosts that will allow you to upload your podcasts to their nodes as well. Once you have finished your podcast and you have it internet, there are a variety of directories that you can send it to to obtain some exposure. There are many available free directories that will help you by using publicity so you can get your podcasts out there. Soon people shall be listening to your music, and before you know it you may have a broad following all across the world due to using podcasting to publicize your favorite songs.jordan harbinger podcast, often referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” is a Wall Street lawyer turned interview talk show host, and a communications and social dynamics expert.

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