Human Hair Wigs – What Are They ?

Knowing the difference in both of these kinds of wigs can allow you to make the perfect choice for you.

Some thing to think about – both individual and artificial fibers wigs can be found in various qualities or grades. For our comparison, we’ll go over the gaps in a high quality artificial to Grade A Human Hair.


You might presume that a human hair wig may appear more natural than the usual synthetic, but this isn’t necessarily the situation. Most folks cannot tell the difference in artificial and human simply from looking at them. Generally, synthetic will seem somewhat shinier or more shiny than human hair follicles. The greater quality synthetic wigs are much less shiny and seem more natural compared to cheaper synthetics. Another difference in look has to do with motion. Human hair gets more organic motion and bounce than artificial – that will be somewhat stiffer. Should you wear a brief hair style, or use hairspray, then this is normally no problem. Should you wear your hair loose and long, you might prefer the natural motion of your hair.


The specific feel of your hair will be dependent on where it is out of – Asian hair is thicker, thicker, and coarser. Indian hair is wavy and slick. European hair is nicer, softer and has a very small tide. The hair might also have been permed to reestablish the look of Yaki hair follicles.

Artificial hair isn’t quite as soft and silky as individual hair.


Both synthetic and human wigs can be washed. Artificial hair should just be washed in cold water, using products made especially for artificial fibers, then be permitted to air dry. The wig will keep its own style.

Human hair can be washed in cold or warm water, also you may use any products which you could use in your hair. We recommend using gentle shampoo plus a moisturizing conditioner. Products made for colour treated hair operate nicely. Washing the wig makes it lose its design and return to its normal design. To re-style, you’ll have to blow dry or design with heated tools.

Life Span A lot of factors will determine the length of time your wig will survive – just how long your hair is, how many times you use it and under what conditions, and the way you care for this.

Longer wigs are especially vulnerable, since they will rub your spine, neck, handbag, seat, etc.. As a guideline, expect a brief synthetic wig to continue as much as a year, and also a very long one around 6 weeks. A brief human hair wig will last as many as two decades and a very long one about a year.

Employing heated tools onto a synthetic will melt down the fiber. Synthetic wigs can be changed (wavy or straightened) by means of a steaming method – however that is best left to an expert wig stylist. You will find heat-friendly synthetics on the current market, that may be styled with conventional styling tools, but these need a great deal more patience and expertise to design than hair.

For best results, we recommend picking a lighter color and incorporating lowlights instead of raising colour, as bleach could be harmful. Synthetic wigs can’t be colored. However synthetic wigs can be found in a far wider assortment of colours, such as emphasized, graduated, suspended, and foiled colours. Human hair typically can be obtained just in basic colours, and you need to add highlights or lowlights.


Human Hair may be permed using a compound solution, just like your hair. Synthetic shouldn’t be treated with substances, but curl and tide could be inserted or removed indefinitely by means of a wig stylist using a wig steamer.


A frequent misconception we hear about artificial wigs is they can not be styled. The reality is, though they cannot be styled with warmth, they may be cut, trimmed and thinned, in addition to combed, brushed and organized in various ways. Some artificial wigs have a component which may be changed. Hair could be brushed off or off in the face, and bangs may be directly or unwanted trapped. Wavy synthetic wigs offer you the most flexibility, as possible “scrunch” them to create them curlier or brush them to make them more searchable. Among the chief benefits of artificial is, as soon as you have it styled the way you desire, the hair remains in place – therefore it’s very little upkeep.

As we’ve mentioned, the human hair is much more versatile, because it can be styled using heated tools. On the other hand, the design will probably collapse over time or if it becomes wet, requiring more regular touch-ups. If you want to know more about a human hair wig, then it’s wise if you’re feeling comfortable styling hair loss. Otherwise, you’ll have to bring it for your stylist regularly for re-styling.

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