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The common diseases of which teeth endure are:

Illness, caries of the teeth, inflammation of the gums and pyorrhea. All of them are produced from common causes like improper brushing, not chewing your food properly, dyspepsia, also much of ingestion of processed sugar and overall neglect. Of those pyorrhea has become the most common and also the most serious. The regimen indicated for pyorrhea will alleviate other ailments too.


Pyorrhea or periodontal disease is characterized by the marketing of pockets of purulent material round the teeth and loosening of the affected teeth. It is legacy of the modern culture with a lot of emphasis on refined and canned foods, including sugar, refined wheat flour and polished rice. In other words, it’s the result of too little roughage in the diet and insufficient attention of the teeth. Food will stagnate between the teeth resulting in the excessive formation of tartar. There’s a foul flavor and also a foul odour in the mouth. A characteristic feature in the later stages is the tendency for the gums to bleed easily.

Our meals must incorporate alkalis, which are to be found in wheat flour not passed through a sieve, unpolished rice, unboiled milk, fresh fruit and raw, green vegetables. Deficiency of calcium leads to corrosion of teeth and contribute to the a variety of diseases. Processed sugar, which will not include any calcium needs it to be property digested and takes the calcium from the bones to have assimilated into the system. The worst result is, thus, on the teeth. An adult needs ten servings of calcium in his everyday diet, which will be available in flour, unpolished rice, dates, cabbage, tomatoes, gourds, carrots, cucumber and lettuce. It’s also found in milk, strawberry and oranges.


Like other parts of the human body, teeth also need exercise. Hard foods like rusks, uncooked vegetables and hard-crusted fruits must be chewed in adequate quantities. Wheat soaked in plain water or maize roasted in sand could be taken in medium quantities to exercise tooth. Germinated wheat could be still better because it contains vitamin E, the special for sterility among women, inadequate lactation among feeding mothers and miscarriages and slowly healing wounds.

Foods containing vitamin C such as lime and oranges, berries, cabbage, onions, and those afflicted by swollen or bleeding gums should particularly take garlic, pineapple, grapes and guava. Rubbing of the gums with all the finger tips also helps.

Steam treatment ought to be taken in case of swollen or bleeding gums if nothing else helps. Maintain a vessel filled with water on heat and cover it with a lid with a little opening. When the steam begins escaping, expose your gums to its own action. Intersperse the steam with rinsing your mouth with cold water. Apply fresh lime juice mixed with traditional Shaving Products or mustard oil after steaming it at night and the glow will be much superior than the one provided by the any much-advertisement cream or face cream.

The best way to brush the teeth would be using a twig of the neem or acacia tree. Brush your teeth in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep. Remember that a lot of the mischief is done by the food particles that infest the crevices between the teeth that give rise to putrefaction. Don’t use some toothpicks or other sharp rods to select your teeth: if you must take action, perform with a silk ribbon. This would clean your teeth.

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