New Search Engine For Charities For You

I’ve always thought that technology is something which may be used for great good, and this newest improvement from Infospace is the best example. Infospace is located in Bellevue, WA, also is a Internet search provider. In accord with their enterprise, the business has established a brand new search engine that focuses especially on charities!

Dubbed Do Great Good, the internet site’s URL is www. Just just how can the search engine aid charities? In reality, the brand new research engine compiles search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Half of the IFCJ earnings created by the search engine then goes to charity.


Here is”how it works” in the Internet site itself:

As with other search engines, Do Great Good makes money when you search the Web on the website. And just Do Great Good allows you to encourage causes you to care about at no expense to you by devoting half of the cash to charity! The more you hunt, the more you assist. It is that easy!

I must acknowledge that I am a servant to Google. I can not even use Yahoo to look because I am not content with the outcomes. Additionally, I am quite utilized to viewing the port of Google it just does not seem right if I do not use it. Then again, I believe I just might try utilizing Do Great Good for a little, if just for the charities which will benefit. In addition, it may really give me more diverse results because it frees results from many search engines.


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