Scholarships For Seniors

Now they named as Senior Citizens who are providing invaluable advice to the society. The club has almost 500 elderly professionals and businessmen as its members. They organise regular meetings and have helpful discussions on the problems and solutions thereof pertaining to not just senior citizens but also into the Society.

Some of the services they extend to the society are:

1. Giving scholarships to meritorious bad students.

2. Conducting different health camps.

4. Honouring Probus club members having exemplary support activities with Probus Recognition awards and non Probus members with Probus excellence award to encourage them to do more services in future.

Along with the aforementioned, the team promotes the talents of their members by conducting many cultural activities. Writing talents are among the most important among them.

To enhance the writing abilities, the club releases novels on older living on every International day of elders, which include articles written by senior citizens, largely members on several issues especially those which have relevance to senior citizens.

So far 25 novels are released by the team and the previous book was released with this year’s International day of older on 4th October, 2017. Comprising 87 articles contributed by members, that will be the standing examples of joyful and healthy living. While it is not possible to Provide a count of all the members notes about members that have written concerning the wellbeing of senior members along with a brief report on their own articles are provided below:

But, there’s marked improvement in health care services. Though medical services have improved a lot, ignorance plays very important part in the wellbeing of older older women.

Rotary/Probus ex-president further proposes the next steps to the better living of poor elderly women:

** One should keep herself busy and have free movement.
(suggestions from other members have been given in the following paragraphs)

Mrs Lakshmi Natarajan is a active academician and is continuing her educational activities as a freelancer following retirement.

2. Play with your grandchildren, children of the family and pets.

3. Learn something new such as music, foreign language, game thereby bringing new friends too.

4. Attend some regional events rather as a volunteer.

5. Educate in subjects known to you, drama troups or sports team.

6. Make week-end excursions and traveling a lot.

These six steps will keep one young though they may be grown ups at chronological era.

Mr R.T.Namasivayam, Retired Engineer and the sitting President of this club gets the following suggestions to make.

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