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It’s funny that most of our clients are SEO companies from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Nevertheless they have the guts to call themselves SEOs if they barely do the SEO work. I am not writing this guide to intentionally malign any SEO business.

It’s only that there are several unfavorable publicity written and published about offshore SEOs which are not correct. Paradoxically, these SEO firms are known to possess outsourced SEOs in the Philippines and India. And still, in their blogs and published articles, they generalize that the offshore businesses are incompetent!

It’s true that outsourcing your SEO offshore comes with dangers much like when you decide on a company within your town, state or nation. There will always be fraudulent companies offshore but this is also true to SEO companies in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Risks are inevitable part of search engine optimization. In reality, results in SEO campaigns are highly uncertain because no one knows the exact formula on how search engine algorithms work. Your campaign may succeed or fail based on various factors.

Why SEO Companies in the US, UK, Canada and Australia Outsource SEO Offshore

Apparently, cost is the main reason why outsourcing SEO is a favorite strategy even for SEO COMPANY. It costs two times as much to keep an American SEO than when you hire a Filipino SEO professional to perform exactly the exact same job. Both countries have the distinct cost of living, which explains the disparity in income but both SEOs are expected to perform the same work and achieve exactly the same outcome – top placements on the significant search engines.

Competition has pushed SEO companies in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia to outsource offshore. With the way the international economy is performing right now, it’s not surprising that economic retrenchment has become a top priority for businesses all around the world. Consequently, cost or price was catapulted as the main consideration when companies decide that outsourcing company to select. Moreover, outsourcing firms cut-back on their expenses and explore their options to get a cheaper business operation. Outsourcing offshore appears to be the only workable alternative in order that they could keep up with the competition. Their opponents are already outsourcing, some if not all their operations, to get cost advantage so why shouldn’t they?

I truly don’t have an issue with SEO outsourcing SEO services abroad. Even though they are more of an SEO reseller than an SEO firm, they continue to be beneficial in the operations of SEOs offshore because they supply them with extra jobs. What’s not appropriate is for them to ruin the reputation of SEO businesses offshore to create a mentality which they’re the better option and that offshore SEO firms are a bunch of thugs.

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