Spice Up Your Home Bar With Cocktail Glasses

Cocktails are a nice way to relax after a lovely meal either when dining out or prepared in the home. It is always very relaxing to have a rich red wine served in a lovely wine glass sitting by the fire with a group of friends or family around and tales of life unfolding from each person.

Even better is the person who can mix any drink requested in a flash and put it in the right glass to add ambiance to the scene. Martini glasses are very distinct with their long stems and V shaped design. Drink it just like James Bond in the movies touched up with a green olive on a specially made stainless steel pick.

A special martini glass is available called a Metropolitan Martini Chiller. It has a completely rounded glass that sets on the counter for holding ice and the traditional martini glass itself sits inside it. This can look especially lovely with colored ice or ice water.

Fluted cocktail glasses are a lovely addition to any table setting. Their traditional use is sparkling, pearl colored champagne but other mixed drinks are also served in them. Banana crantini, banana daiquiri #2, Jersey orange blossom or even a Bangkok champagne cocktail can be served to add color and taste to the scene.

Highball cocktail glasses are very popular in every club, bar, restaurant and home in the world. These thick bottomed, intriguingly designed pieces are manufactured with clear crystal or with designs on them, such as polka dots, pin stripes, spring designs that run from top to bottom and even striated swirls to accent the surface and hand of the drinker.

Waterford has been making cocktail glasses since the late 1700s. They have a very specific Ballymore pattern carved into their crystal glasses. It looks like dangling icicles surrounded by snowflakes which depicts the chill of the drink in your hand. The tulip shaped crystal is lovely but can only be hand washed to keep from damaging the glass. They have a tumbler that is 9 or 12 ounces that was inspired by a Castle in Ireland.

Some of the most popular cocktail glasses around are simple shot glasses. Every company who is in this industry wants to make their mark with a special shot glass. They come in all shapes and sizes up to double shots. All manner of decoration and alcohol brands have been embossed on the side of them and the shapes have ranged from keg shaped to beer stein and on to a cowboy boot shaped glass. Know more about home bar.com visit on our official website

All cocktail glasses are beautiful whether made of glass, crystal or even stainless steel. The desire to fill the cabinets with lovely glassware is strong. People worldwide have their own special collections of the glasses they love and use the most for both lovely decor and entertaining needs as well.

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