The Best OC Pepper Spray Gun Will Depend On Your Environment

Nowadays self-defense is and should be a significant priority for you and your family. Legislation has sky high in several cities across the nation and at times even going to the grocery store could be dangerous.

Heck, just last year, a fantastic buddy of mine’s girlfriend had been assaulted at gunpoint while walking to the grocery store. She had been in a nice section of town and it was at the middle of the day in a cramped parking lot. This doesn’t seem to fit the standard prosecution situation.

Because of the violence and crime that’s currently a component of normal life, you are likely to need to choose a way to guard yourself in the event you’re assaulted.

A lot of people don’t have enough time to spend hours in a martial arts fitness center, and a few individuals are not in any way familiar with carrying a firearm. (I do suggest guns for self-defense personally.) Many times the reason that people do not like the idea of carrying a firearm is simply because they are not knowledgeable about firearms. – Which is fine. There are different procedures of self-defense that are both non-lethal and also quite powerful.

It’s a nasty substance that irritates the eyes causing temporary blindness and triggers a good bit of pain. Police officers utilize OC pepper spray for audience control due to its ability to immediately neutralize many people. Yes, there are a number of people that can withstand OC pepper spray.

So according to what we understand about OC pepper spray, it is safe to say it can be a great self indulgent option. But it is good to understand what the best OC pepper spray gun is for your lifestyle and or situation.

Quite often the target of those attacks are girls. So carrying OC spray would be a great alternative for self explanatory in these kinds of situations.

Keeping distance from a prospective attacker is always a wise idea for obvious reasons. This may be done with some of the OC pepper sprayguns that can shoot up to 25 feet.

The pepper spray gun is excellent for girls since they can carry it in their purse as they stroll through virtually any location. As they walk, they are able to have their hands in their purse with their finger on the cause if at any time they feel threatened.

The only drawback I can see about this kind of pepper spray gun is the fact that it will look to be an actual gun. This might be a drawback in some specific scenarios as it might be mistaken for an actual gun.


Running may also be dangerous, particularly for women. I dated a woman in Atlanta, Georgia which was once attacked while jogging. She told me knew something was strange when she kept passing the guy repeatedly. She didn’t have anything to defend herself with during the attack and sadly was kidnapped for a brief period of time. If she would have had any kind of self indulgent, this might not have happened.

For running I recommend a different sort of pepper spray. If you’re jogging, the very best OC pepper spray gun for you may really be a spray gun which straps around your hands with Velcro. This is great because in the event you’re hit very hard from behind. You will still have your spray attached to your hand and ready to be used.

When it comes to home defense, I frankly don’t recommend pepper spray! I propose a firearm. If you are protecting your loved ones and just have pepper spray at the close quarters of a house, it can be fatal.

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