The FULL-GUIDE to Becoming an Enlightened Alpha-Male

Now i’m writing this amazing discovery after I quit meditating in the middle due to the fact I’ve had to write down this amazing epiphany.

This deep internalization provides closure for my 3 years of success, disappointment, self-introspection, meditation, sex, lies, suicidal thoughts, thoughts about the almighty; Times of bliss and times of depression, amazing relationship : and those that I am still hurt by to this day.

To put it briefly this article is a 3 year closure of self-seeking, regarding I have finally found my long searched-for TRUTH.

I would repeat myself several times during this article, this is for emphasis.

Beginning: sortir de la friendzone

My name is Robby, it does not matter whether you’ve heard of me or not, or what your perception of me is; The feelings and insights I share in this article are based on my personal fact which I have slowly pieced together through the long and also painful process of walking through the blaze, being thrown change your mind, and then jumping back in.

I am not here to share my biography, nor do I wish to right now, what is of dope importance to me though is stressing that this article will be written ENTIRELY based on personal experience and repeated conquering by reality, which have helped focus and shape myself into the person I am today, thus, I consider the words – fact.

This article is meant to express the current amount of consciousness I am in, a person roughly my level of mind will thoroughly enjoy this article and learn how to piece together recent and future events of his life, to “see the bigger picture” if I may.

A person who has surpassed our level of consciousness will indulge in a different point of view than his or her that is very easy to relate to and learn from in connection to HIS past experiences.

This article is mainly intended for those who find themselves confused, who can not find the center in their life. It truly is intended for those who are cursed with inspiration and can’t take normal life as it is. Those who are considered ‘weird’ by several, but potentially could rise up from the masses to be just like gods to ants. This article is my Pickup bible, this self-improvement bible, as well as an anchor for this higher state of mind. It absolutely was not even written by me, for I am merely the ship for the exuding of knowledge that this article possess.

Grab any cup of tea, sit comfortably, and enjoy.

Every article starts off with basic semantics so I will start mine with the next topics:

– How do I define pickup?

– What is the inner-goal every man has regardless of outer goals (money, ladies, revolution, etc)?

What is Pickup:

Pickup is the fascinating associated with success with women, it is a journey for men who have earlier been unsuccessful in their dating life and decided to consider themselves to a place of more abundance and choice; Around the journey to become a better man and improve his internet dating life, the average man will go through a lot of pain inside the attempts to peel away the layers of shit that have layered on top of his self-esteem (the ego).

Most men enter the field of pickup for reasons of the self confidence (impressing others, never feeling the pain of rejection again). Most leave after a year or two when they find the woman (or women) they wanted and are ready to settle down. Those who keep after – the maniacal and obsessive pickup junkies, are usually those who will later succeed in OTHER areas of their lifetime massively and find TRUE happiness and purpose in their daily life, as opposed to the man who settles for ‘just above average’.

Our ability to successfully consistently attract, date, and sleeping with the women we are interested provides a direct mirror to be able to where we currently are as men and human-beings inside our personal development, and to reach the next level in our abilities together with women we must go back and introspect to peel one more layer of ego to reach our deep male key which was hidden from us through social-conditioning and history disappointments.

What is every man’s inner-goal?

(I have to offer some credit to Alexander from RSD for this meaning, it is by far the simplest and deepest definition of a male’s purpose I’ve come across)

We are all born with several alpha-male instincts, they are imprinted in us from the moment we could born ’till the day we die, we can never reject them; and our long-term happiness is a reflection of how faithful we are to these instincts and primal needs, these some instincts are:

Being present to the moment – Not studying, being completely devoted in your intent, no comparing with zero hesitating, being clear in your intent and positive.

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