The Holy Grail

Did you ever consider how history will repeat itself?

It is not a coincidence – it has been like this since biblical times, and here is evidence –

In Judaism, the old testament is broken up into weekly tales, or Parashot as they are called in Hebrew.

A Jew goes into the synagogue each Sabbath and learns those weekly stories.

What is most intriguing is that besides the ethical classes these stories have concerning life, there is almost always a mysterious (and heavenly, if you may) link available to our lives now and the events we experience.

I was wondering about that the other day when reading some information about the way Trump’s tax program is penalizing the precise audience that attracted him into office – that the small business owners.

In biblical times it was the false prophets, the so-called prophets of false gods, used to inform the merry people what they wanted to listen –

And many would like to hear that Sort of conversation (the actual prophets would just discuss awful things to come along with the way God is angry and will penalize them shortly if they don’t regret)

Therefore the false prophets would like celebrity-like fame (that’s till judgment day came around the corner… )

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

It should, since that is pretty similar to the current politicians – promising great things to their crowds simply to fail and aggravate them later opted – forward Trump.

Just a couple of months ago not one could withstand the candy speaking of this mighty (false) prophet, and lo and behold – betrayal:

Obamacare still imposing pain on company owners seeking to hire great workers…

Income taxes for smaller companies will increase more…

The federal debt turning out of control (together with the remainder of the market)…

How does a small company owner repent and save his mortal soul?

The Reply to these challenging times Isn’t secksy, but is nonetheless achievable –

Developing a scientific-based advertising and revenue system that instills worker hiring costs and lack of motivation – outsourcing to qualified freelancers.

However, with of the internet “gurus” (here come those false prophets again… ) what is a small business proprietor? –

That is the most important subject of my novel – see below how to receive it free.

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