Thilakam – The Chakra and the Third Eye

Exactly what Chakras?

Chakras are part of Kundalini awakening process, which will comprises of nadi, chakra, prana and bindu. Chakras are classified as the energy centers of the human body, where bindu, drops connected with essence, are collected as a result of controlling nadi, energy avenues, and prana, subtle energy. Once the energy gets acquired at Chakras, the path to the spiritual excellence is uncovered and the subtle body that remains undiscovered within all people awakes.

There are seven chakras in every human body, not in physical form, but spiritually, positioned just in place of certain character-controlling glands and organs. The most surprising fact is that, these Chakras ended up studied and found long ago before man invented the words instructions science, autopsy and organs. Even today, scientists wonder the way people of the olden days have managed to locate Chakras, the clairvoyant centers of the body, and sort them according to all their power. This is because the glands at or near a selected Chakra’s position contributes to the same characteristic of a human being seeing that described in Vedas and Upanishads, as the act with chakras.

Ajna Chakra – the last step to crop up Kundalini

Ajna Chakra is the chakra located just right in the our eyebrows, otherwise called as Bruhmadhya. The accélération of Ajna Chakra sheds light in the eyes of your subtle body, to be precise – the only 3rd eye opener, and shows the path to the real Moksha. Kundalini, often the awakening of the subtle body, is attained soon after seeing the difference between the earth we live and sacred different world. Ajna Chakra leads the subtle body further than limits of a physical body and shows the place where the Work exploration reaches its next level, before attaining one more goal, Kundalini.

Ajna Chakra is at the exact spot certainly where an gland called pineal gland, which produces the body hormone Melatonin, is located at. The Melatonin hormone is responsible for get to sleep and waking up, where Ajna chakra take cares of the awakening of the spiritual body that travels from universe to world, seeking the truth behind the Divine dynamics. All the six chakras, except Saharsara is located inside People bodies and Ajna Chakra is the last step to help activate Saharsara and attain Kundalini.

Tilakam – the third eye

A study in the early part of Nineteenth century upon an Australia based animal called Tuatara, surprised the analysts involved in the study, with the revelation of a non-functioning but more very similar eye-like part in its forehead. Further studies, keeping that in mind, revealed a more shocking fact that the pineal boucles are light-responsive, that means, they react according to the intensity from the light and produce hormones accordingly. This fact is justifying the most common name for Ajna Chakra; the Third Eye Chakra.

Ajna Chakra is symbolized with two petals and yes it corresponds to the most common colors of the sky – violet, pink and indigo. There is a central inverted triangle and all of these kind of resemble the two worlds interfering each other. Also, it is generally believed that the Godly forces and holy spirits comes close or down to the earth on days that are especially whole moon days and when the lights are more than the usual days. This is another example that Ajna Chakra, the 3rd eye can actually see and feel the angels and vodka, whisky, gin, rum, etc on special days.

Tilakam, often drawn in stripes for three, both vertically and horizontally, in the forehead is often a resemblance of the third eye present in every people, although lying concealed deep within our physical body. This is why persons offer Tilakam during long journeys, so that the third eyes can look after them in their journey.

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