Use of Two Way Radios While Caring for the Elderly

Often the proportion of the elderly to the total population in the US is often a significant 12. 9%, according to figures from the Administration connected with Aging. In addition , the percentage is expected to increase to 19% by the year 2030. The best way to take care of this section of the people is to remain connected to them while helping them keep on being safe and independent. The advancement of technology has resulted in the development of several unique communication systems that allow the aged to contact their loved ones at any time. One of these is 2 way radio.

These days more and more elderly people prefer to spend their retirement time in the luxury and safety of their own homes rather than senior citizen homes or homes for the elderly. This is possible by means of refurbishing their existing homes to include the latest communication programs that make it easier to communicate with the outside world, along with other amenities designed designed for the elderly or infirmed. Two way radios have come forth as a highly popular communication product that allow the aging adults to remain in touch with their care givers and loved ones, whether or not they are spending time working in the garden, relaxing in the living room as well as playing golf two way radios provide security and a sense of peace. Two way radios are also equipped with special features that could prove useful for these tasks.

Need for Two Way Radios for the Elderly

As a person grows older their real health deteriorates and many of their vital organs may not feature to the full capacity. Failing eye sight, weak muscles, and the not able to move around fast are some of the common problems that may hinder often the daily activities and free movement of an elderly person. This leads them prone to accidents and illnesses that need timely awareness. Speed becomes a mater of life and death. While a caregiver can provide his/her full attention to taking care of the ageing, the latter may not wish to lose their independence. The easiest way to take care of the elderly while allowing them their independence has been an effective two way communication system, such as radios. That ensures that both the parties can contact each other any time they wish to do so. A caregiver can even go out for their routine assignments without worrying about the elderly person if he/she knows that there is an effective two way communication system between them.

Employing and Buying Two Way Radios for the Elderly

A caregiver’s time is usually spent attending to the basic needs of the senior and this task can be simplified by using two way radios as an effective channel of communication. A simple push of an button allows you to communicate with your loved ones while doing other residence chores. One might ask- why not use mobile phones? An essential advantage offered by two way radios over mobile phones is definitely they don’t have to rely on any mobile network and calls are instantaneous.

Based on the concept of radio frequencies that are generally present in the air, the two way radios operate almost just about anywhere. This means the elderly can take them wherever they go, with the reassurance that they can contact anyone in times of emergency or even when they need to pass on a simple message. The elderly often wish to engage in a range of activities, such as gardening, going walks, visiting the library or merely pursuing their hobbies. The presence of a two way radio station will encourage them to undertake these activities freely without disquieting about how to get in touch with their care giver in times of have to have. Quick communication is very important in case of mishaps and accidents.

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