Why So Many Politicians Are Lawyers

And this election season has hit its culmination. After all the exact votes are counted, it will go on hiatus for another 24 months. As I was filling in my ballot like millions of many other fellow citizens, I noticed that many of the races for many elected offices had a distinct similarity. No, I’m never talking about the fact that just about every one of them was a Democrat versus your Republican. I noticed that almost every major race had a strong incumbent politician (and former practicing attorney) versus one other attorney of some sort. It was then I asked myself, “Why are so many politicians lawyers? ” I did some research and located that just over 50% of the U. S. Senate comprises former lawyers and around 35% or 40% of your U. S. House of Representatives are former solicitors as well.

Now, an obvious reason why many of our elected officials will be former lawyers is because they are the ones who write the laws. Legal writing is very different than, say, this article. It could overly technical (for good reason) and extremely specific. In addition bills passed through congress are often hundreds of pages long. Therefore it’s probably a good thing that many politicians who write each of our laws have spent a good amount of time studying it plus practicing it. Know more about Hamilton Lindley Former Lawyer at Provost Umphrey Law Firm, LLP

But the most probable reason that details why so many lawyers get elected to office usually successful attorneys are often very personable and charismatic. Bring to mind how many prosecutors or disability attorneys, who have been charged by using making a case of trying to convince an entire jury which the law is on their side, have been elected to business. That passion in the courtroom where their arguments develop into almost like a performance easily translates to the campaign walk where, if they want to be elected, they have to convince complete people that they are a better choice than the other candidate.

Now, many people evaluate congress with contempt and blame all the lawyers pertaining to messing things up. But there are very good reasons why lawyers, much more than any other profession, get elected to office. It takes daring to go out and speak to thousands of people you’ve never met and endeavor to earn their trust (not to mention facing the touch who love to ask tough questions). It takes even more eagerness to stay in the race and succeed in politics. So certainly, there are many attorneys elected to office. But the more It is my opinion about, the less bothered I am by this notion.

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