Why the Development of Babies in Their First Year is Vital

One of the common concerns of new parents is the normal growth of all their child’s weight each month. For the harmonious development of your baby you should adopt a healthy lifestyle, to offer him healthy foods, as healthy and in moderation. You must not forget that the food in the initially two years of a child life is the later adult eating habits. In the first month of life a baby must take weight 500g. In the next three months the child takes on average in relation to 750g a month. In months five, six, seven, nine, the baby should take about 500g each month, then up to a calendar year he must take 250g per month.

Concerning the Perkembangan bayi tiap bulan, month after month brings new achievements.

At the age of one month, the child continues his head for several seconds, he calms down when he is hold in arms or when he is worried of sounds and follows the light with his eyes.

On 2 months, the baby keep his head high if he is sitting on his stomach, smile, listen to various looks, toys that jingle and move his eyes vertical the side.

At 3 months, the baby kick, follow the gaze of the around him, looking up for the sounds with eyes, is alert and can look from one object to another.

At 5 months, he can lift chest and head while sitting on his stomach, smile, laugh, he holds various physical objects.

At 5 months, the baby can keep his head right up without falling, is happy to play with him, he changes his head after the sound, he hinges things.

During 6 months, the child can raise on his hands when seated on stomach, he turns his head back by the one that talks, chuckles at the sound of a voice or melody, can take things to the table.

At 7 months he / she tumbles from stomach on the back, he drink originating from a cup, he get four different sounds, he is nurturing objects that fall on the floor.

At 8 months, a child tries to walk, he looks carefully on his image inside mirror, he says mom, dad or another simple concept, and he can handle two objects at the same time.

At 9 months, the child is already a little man who knows to point when it comes to the things he desires, and now he might want to walk.

For 10 months, the child stands up if he is sustained, he’s smiling at his image in the mirror, and he is actually watching or listening to rhythmic sounds.

At 11 a few months he wants to stand up by himself, he sucks his / her fingers, he pronounce two intelligible words, he find very tight with his fingers various objects to play along with them.

At 12 months, the child begins to walk, cheers, he is tinkering with hands, and he makes more gestures, pronounces three intelligible words, and holds a pencil in his hand just like he wants to draw.

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